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5FactsButton“We’ve got to ride this global warming issue.  Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing in terms of economic and environmental policy.”
Timothy Wirth, President of the United Nations Foundation

What is cap-and-trade?

Cap-and-trade is an approach designed to control carbon emissions.  The government sets a “cap” on the amount of carbon dioxide that can be emitted. Companies are issued emission permits and are required to hold an equivalent number credits which represent the right to emit a specific amount carbon dioxide.

The total amount of allowances and credits cannot exceed the cap, limiting total emissions to that level. Companies that need to increase their emission allowance must buy credits from those who use less. The transfer of allowances is referred to as a “trade.” In effect, the buyer is paying a charge for emitting carbon dioxide, while the seller is being rewarded for having reduced emissions by more than was needed. 

Why should American citizens be concerned about cap-and-trade?

Cap-and-trade will impose huge costs upon American citizens.  Cap-and-trade will impose a carbon tax on all goods and services produced in the United States.  The average family of four can expect to pay an additional $1700 or more each year.  The United States is expected to lose more than 2 million jobs as the result of cap-and-trade schemes.  Poor and middle-income families will be hurt the most.  All of this for little, if any, real impact on the earth’s climate.  Even proponents of cap-and-trade have acknowledged that this scheme will only amount to approximately 1/10 of 1 degree of temperature change in 100 years.  Visit the Institute for Energy Research to see the estimated economic impacts for your state.

So what are the real facts about global warming?

  1. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is not a pollutant. CO2 is necessary for life on earth. Nothing would be green without it. Vegetation thrives on increased levels of CO2. CO2 amounts to approximately 0.04% [1] of the Earth’s atmosphere. Likewise, mankind’s contributions to annual atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions are tiny. 97% of the CO2 released into the air is from natural sources. Mankind is thus responsible for 3% of the 0.04% of the atmosphere that’s comprised of carbon dioxide (0.001% of the atmosphere). As a greenhouse gas, CO2 is a weak agent. The most powerful contributor to the greenhouse effect is water vapor, which is responsible for 95% of the Earth’s greenhouse effect [2].
  2. The Climate Changes. The Earth has constantly gone through periods of warming and cooling. The recent warming trend (which has now reversed – average world temperatures have been falling for the last decade) is not outside the natural variation that’s been observed in the geologic record. Mankind had nothing to do with the onset or end of any of the numerous past ice ages or warm periods.
  3. Garbage in, Garbage Out. Computer models used by UN IPCC scientists that project catastrophic global warming are based on flawed inputs. The models assume that when average global temperatures are rising, less solar radiation is escaping from the Earth’s atmosphere. A new study by MIT climate scientist Richard Lindzen, using 15 years of data collected from an orbiting satellite found that the exact opposite is true [3].
  4. Consensus. Science isn’t determined by consensus. Consensus is a mechanism of politics. We always hear that the debate is over, the science is settled and the scientific consensus is that we are facing a manmade global warming crisis. It’s a lie. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change consists of hundreds of bureaucrats and only a handful of scientists. Only 50 IPCC scientists were responsible for the reports claiming catastrophic climate change is around the corner. 54 IPCC scientists dissented, but their remarks were excluded from the reports. Over 31,000 scientists from around the world, each holding a bachelor’s or higher degree (over 9,000 PhDs) have now signed a document stating that global warming is not a serious concern [4]. There is a consensus, but it’s not what we’ve been told.


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1) T. J. Blasing, “Recent Greenhouse Gas Concentrations,” Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (2009)

2) S.M. Freidenreich and V. Ramaswamy, “Solar Radiation Absorption by Carbon Dioxide, Overlap with Water, and a Parameterization for General Circulation Models,” Journal of Geophysical Research 98 (1993):7255-7264

3) Richard S. Lindzen and Yong-Sang Choi, “On the determination of climate feedbacks from ERBE data,” Geophysical Research Letters (2009)

4) Petition Project

35 Responses to “The Facts”
  1. Mimi McHale says:

    Read this and pass it on…

    • H.Zentner says:

      If the cap and trade is instituted, Wall Street is already for it. They have set up cap and trade board to make their usual killing.
      Reminds me of ENRON!

  2. colleen says:

    we’ve known for a long time this has been a scam…the polar icecaps on mars have been melting for a long time now…..and that is not caused by polution…it is just something our universe goes through….we are facing an ice age…not global warming…now I understand there has been much much more to this than making Al Gore rich….it is just one more piece of the puzzle to bring in the one world government…all these criminals running the show need to be thrown in prison….Presidents….congress and senate…

    • David Lamon says:

      Coleen I agree with you. It is nothing short of a power grab over the citizens of the world through their property and finances. In other words a world-wide dictatorship prophesied in the bible.

      Since 97% of co2 or carbon dioxide comes from natural sources plants etc. maybe we should burn down some more trees out west, huh!

      According to the PDO theory the latest warming phase of the cycle ended in 1998 and a major 20 to 30 year cooling phase began meaning that global warming had ended and we had entered a cooling phase beginning in 1999.

      But neither the temperature pattern for the years beginning in 1999 in the NOAA chart above nor the NOAA figures for the global top 10 warmest years listed below show this cooling trend.

      NOAA Global Top 10 Warm Years On Record 1880 to 2008 Anomaly °C Anomaly °F
      2005 0.61 1.10
      1998 0.58 1.04
      2002 0.56 1.01
      2003 0.56 1.01
      2006 0.55 0.99
      2007 0.55 0.99
      2004 0.53 0.95
      2001 0.49 0.88
      2008 0.49 0.88
      1997 0.46

      If the PDO theory was correct and global warming ended in 1998 then 2005 would not be warmer than 1998 and 8 of the top 10 warmest years on record 2001, 2002. 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 would not have occurred after 1998. In fact when 1998 was the warmest year on record, 1997 was the second warmest year on record, now 1997 has dropped to the 10th warmest year on record and 7 years since 1998 have been warmer than 1997. There has been no global cooling trend since 1998 when the last PDO warming cycle ended.

      If global warming cannot be explained by the emission of man made green house gases or the Pacific Decadal Oscillation could it be caused by solar activity? Is the greatest contributing factor to global temperatures not atmospheric carbon dioxide or the PDO but the sun? Probably not! There is no correlation between recent solar activity and NOAA’s 10 warmest years on record.

      In 2004, NASA scientists recorded the start of a periodic onset of low solar activity called solar minimum. In 2009, five years later, very low solar activity continues. According to David Hathaway of the Marshall Space Flight Center, “This is the quietest sun we’ve seen in a century.” According to theory solar minimums cause global cooling but the world has been in an extended period of solar inactivity since 2004 and no cooling has occurred.

      Since 2004 NOAA’s 7th warmest year on record 2005, 2006 and 2007 have been warmer and through June, 2009 is on track to become the 5th warmest year on record. If solar activity was the main cause of global warming now that we are in a period of extended solar minimum I would expect to see some evidence of global cooling. There is no pattern of global cooling after 5 years of solar inactivity, therefore no indication that solar activity has been a major contributor to global warming.

      After looking at the global warming patterns from 1880 to 2008 I believe what global warming is real! However, after researching and trying to understand the major theories behind the causes of global warming I find no theory that explains the cause or causes.

      Where do I stand on global warming? After looking at the climate data and the major theories about global warming I believe:

      1. Global warming may be real but no evidence exist that it is man-made.
      2. No one has yet come up with a theory to explain why global warming is occurring. We just don’t know why it is happening.

      We do know this: Questions as Glenn Beck says, “We Should Be Boldly Asking”
      1. Can you explain the increased above ground and undersea volcanic activity that is sure to heat up the surface of the earth and the oceans and has a direct effect on rising sea levels? Recently an island formed as a result of undersea volcanic activity in the South Pacific.
      2. Can you explain the eruptions taking place underneath the Arctic where the poor polar bears is losing ground? Farce they are actually increasing.
      3. Can you explain the unusual solar activity that has now subsided buy was taking place that has a direct effect on the temperatures of the earth?

      4. Can you explain the horrible methane gas your scientist say is the cause the green house effect created by man? Vulcanologist say methane gas is released when there are earthquakes and volcanic activity. Research reveals there has been an enormous amount of increased activity in these two areas as when a woman is in travail at birth. You know the time for birth gets closer and closer and pains become more frequent. I reckon that’s how it is isn’t it?

      5. If the earth’s axis is shifting or altering its position can man run up to the top of the world hook up a wench and wench it back into alignment?
      6. Can you explain what man has to do with any of this? I mean does man cause solar flare activity on the sun, cause volcanoes and earthquakes to erupt?

      Stealing two words from Obama’s campaign but with one change
      I can! It is all in the bible concerning the end of days. Matthew 24, Luke 21 Revelation plus many Old Testament prophecies. Guess what, man don’t have anything to do with this except for his sins mounting up to heaven.

    • David Lamon says:

      Colleen I forgot to mention this entity has been severely under the gun to the Obama administration thugs and the one-world government thugs so take what NOAA says with a grain of salt or prove all things as the scripture says.

    • Doris says:

      I agree with you totally Colleen.

    • Mark says:

      Try being a science instructor in this period of “intellectual cooling”. I’m a full time bioloigst but also teach night classes for a community college on natural resources and YES, environmental science. I submit to my students both sides of the issue, they never cease to be amazed that the blather they hammered with day after day may not actually be true. They thank me for submitting to them that maybe the truth of Michael Mann and others is only their version of the truth.

  3. LaVerna says:

    Republicans and Propaganda………………so what’s new? Scare tactics go right along with your information………….It is absolutely amazing how you have all the answers now but for the past eight years you have been “brain dead”……………………Please, show us in black and white what your plan is?? AND……..try to be truthful……………………I can think of some criminals from the past administration that should be in prison, who actually committed crimes……..(see colleens comment above)

    • Jim says:

      It is amazing when Liberals are caught in a lie, they revert to the “Blame Bush” Doctrine. If you actually read the study, you will find there is NO sound scientific evidence of man-caused Global Warming. So, why would we have needed to come up with a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist?

  4. Mike M says:

    You mention the Lindzen-Choi paper, it can be found at The alarmists made excuses about not finding their precious ‘hot spot’ but they will NOT be able to find an excuse to get around this study. Their ‘positive-feedback’ idea is the CENTRAL concept behind Al Gore’s ‘tipping point’ and now that idea has been decimated before their very eyes. They will squirm, they will denounce Dr. Lindzen and Dr. Choi with whining ad hominems but just keep throwing the finding IN THEIR FACE – the tropics remain in NEGATIVE FEEDBACK opposite to the algorithms they used in their computer programs to scare everyone about a ‘climate crisis’. Per this study ‘climate crisis’ is hereby CANCELED! It was all a lie all along as many of us suspected ten years ago.

  5. Don Hagel says:

    Thank you for informing as many people as you can and when you give tools like this I can help.

  6. Margie says:

    It’s just 1 more step to world government “the new world order”. We all know who really runs the government, the question is are we going to ;et them get away with it?

  7. Wally Saddiq says:

    What advice can you guys give the common people of this country and the countries of the world who are average in their knowledge of the climate change and or the debate can do or need to do to support change through out the world against this false claim of Global warming. Our political system is falling apart. I wonder what our country founders and forefather would say and do if they were here today and dealing with such corrupt political system (government and congress)

  8. Wally Saddiq says:

    Thank you for exposing these corrupt politician and environmentalist. Please continue to expose their conspiracies by producing the fact about climate change or global warming. I just hope that you guys can get the message out before they get the chance to restrict our life by signing these bogus treaties. We are being taxed beyond our ability to provide for ourselves and our families. We need to express our outrage as much as these environmentalists and tell congress and our government to stop controlling our life and let us enjoy the last breath of freedom in the only free country of the world.

  9. Raymond says:

    Those who read the Bible, read 2 Timothy 3:1-17 tell you that apostasy will take place.

  10. Linda E says:

    I thank God that I had schooling when I did, for we learned in basic science class that the Earth goes through periods of heating and cooling. It a NATURAL occurence that has been happening since the Earth was formed. Humans have very little impact on “climate” changes as can be proved by studying history. But those who are not willing to do research, are those who are afraid of being proven wrong. There are fools born every minute, there more than our fair share born around the time of Al Gore!

  11. Tom G says:

    Notice how “Global Warming” has become ” Climate Change” now that the earth has been getting cooler. The truth is getting out in spite of the progressive/ statist fringe media’s attempt to suppress the facts or oppositions. Run little socialists… the light of truth is shining on you… scurry back into the sewers and septic tanks you hatched in… If you think you’re taking over the USA through your deceit and lies, you’ve got another thing coming!

  12. Tony W says:

    Soooo, if those powers that be are legit and believe there is a co2 and atmospheric problem I’m certain they would stop propelling rockets through the Ozone. Nope, they like the pursuit of money and Bible prophesy is being fulfilled. Do we try to stand in the way, maybe, or step aside and may Yeshua come quickly.

  13. Alvin C. says:

    Are we in the crisis phase yet? Has the solution been proposed? What comes next?

    In the totalitarian world dictatorship model of civilization, the end game is a ruling elite over the masses of workers under oppressive control. America and Christian civilization has been the roadblock to that goal at least since the the reformation period. Every regime has had to deal with us and will have to until we are gone. And I don’t expect much help from the Roman Catholic or apostate liberal church.

    So how do they get there?
    1. Create a perceived crisis by fraud, corruption and deception. 2. Propose an advantageous solution. 3. Implement the solution. Rinse and repeat until the end game is achieved.

    Look at every perceived crisis in the last 200 years. Now look where we are. Ask yourself if there can be any correlation.

    We have to push back against the corruption pushing against us.

    The only way I know to do this is tell the truth and expose the lies. Meanwhile back at the ranch, we work and try to get by and help those that can’t help themselves.

    We vote our conscience with as much valid information as needed to make a choice. Hold our representatives to account for the way they vote.

  14. Gonzo says:

    31,000 scientists? what kind of scientists? do they know dick all about the earth, CO2, or what’s happening?
    probably not.

    be careful about who is scamming who. The more irresponsible people are permitted to be, the more irresponsible they will be.
    C02 is a pollutant.
    oil companies do pollute your water and your air. they will not act responsibly unless legislation forces them too. its cheaper to disregard the environment and human health. less accountability, responsibility, and safeguarding of your health and well being means more profit for the polluters.
    large corporations have repeatedly poisoned people and given the public cancers. its goes on freely until the law recognizes the science and makes the polluters accountable and restricts their activities.

    i say bring the restrictions. stop being irresponsible. ignorance is no longer an excuse, and it won’t suffice here or in eternity.

  15. Gonzo says:

    i change my mind.
    just delete or ignore my post.

    resist a world government. don’t trust the UN.

  16. Lynne says:


  17. Matt says:

    We have to have a balanced government . . . we talked about global warming until the temps started to drop then it is climate change. Now the political focus is on what taxes can we put in place to get more money so we can expand government right now it is climate change. When we have a balanced goverment then we don’t have radical agenda being pushed like this. The sad thing is they are going down with the same ship they poking holes in, they won’t realize it (if they ever do) until our country is gone . . . but then again maybe that is what they want. Everybody is the same nobody has any wealth.

  18. MJ says:

    Time to stand up and fight. How in the hell can the American Public put someone like Obama in office! Congress would have to ratify it and I hope they have more sense than to do that. I will fight to the finish to stop and protect the sovereignty of our country.

  19. The ultimate purpose of the whole climate change scam is to allow the developed countries to STOP INDEPDENDENT CAPITALIST DEVELOPMENT in the rest of the world. This will eliminate the danger of potential competitors for the capitalist market. This will also guarantee that these nations will remain not only suppliers of raw materials and buyers of finished products, but suppliers of cheap labor for the industries owned by developed nations. This is also the ultimate purpose of any world government CREATED AND CONTROLLED by the highly developed capitalist nations. Anyone who thinks the ‘third world’ contries have any control should look up the Charter of the United Nations on Internet and look at the articles numbered 40 – 60. In these articles ALL REAL POWER is given to the security council which, of course, is composed of the highly developed (and therefore, automatically) imperialist nations which need to export capital and eliminate potential capitalist competitors. Eventually, they will also try to eliminate each other, but for now, they are content to work together through the United Nations to suppress development in the ‘third world.’

  20. There is no such thing as “greenhouse” gases. The term heat refers to the kinetic energy (motion) of atoms/molecules. Greenhouses function by having solar radiation heat interior objects in the interior of the greenhouse. These objects then heat the air through conduction. Gas molecules don’t readily convert heat energy into radiation or conduct it to the walls and ceiling of the greenhouse. Conduction requires actual contact with the material the heat would be transferred to and only a small portion of air is in contact with the walls at any one time. The walls and ceiling of the greenhouse trap the heated air, rather than heat energy, in the greenhouse.

    The idea that greenhouses stayed warm by trapping radiation was popular during the 19th Century, but physicist R. W.Wood disproved the theory in 1909 in an experiment involving identical greenhouses.

    Water vapor holds more heat energy than other atmospheric gases because of its peculiar thermal characteristics such as its high specific heat, but its reaction to radiation is not a factor.

    Conduction is the most effective form of heat transfer because two substances in thermal contact attempt to become the same temperature. Heat transfer through radiation generally requires that the source of the radiation be significantly hotter than the substance to be heated. For example, a heat lamp will only heat things up when it is turned on. It produces radiation when it is off, but doesn’t do any heating.

  21. John says:

    Even if you don’t believe in global warming / climate change, what’s so horrible about using greener energy sources? Coal ash causes cancer and you have to rip up the country to get it. Why not invest in something that can’t run out? Why not run our cars on something that isn’t imported or cause smog and lung cancer? Not to mention, investment in technology leads to long term growth, and there would certainly be many jobs created in new fields. It will just take time to transition and the pain involved in that transition is more than anyone would like to endure. It will take a time, money, and support – but even China and India have more ambitious climate policy than we do.
    “the nation that leads the clean energy economy will be the nation that leads the global economy” -Obama

    • Another John says:

      There is nothing wrong with trying to be greener, nor about doing things that are respectful of others. But to dictate policies and laws that hurt those who cannot afford it is morally incomprehensible. Cap and Trade fits the definition of the rich and powerful imposing dictums upon the poor that restricts them from being free to rise out of their lowly states. I for one could afford to pay the $1700 per year increase (I wouldn’t like it of course) that is estimated in the article above, but how many could not, and would be once again giving up something that they were hoping or dreaming of? That kind of increase would only come out of taking items in their budget that was discretionary (nest eggs, vacations, cable television, college educations and other luxuries), and move it over into the required for living expenses column (food, rent, clothes, taxes, etc). Isn’t kind of like saying if you cannot aford to pay this extra “green tax” that you cannot afford to live?

  22. BD says:

    I’m totally with the global warming scam….but I have a question on one of your main pieces of literature : “The 5 facts on Global Warming”. I would love to print and distribute to people, BUT, I have a problem with Fig. 1. Maybe someone can help me with this. You show temperature readings from Antarctica ice samples dating back some 500,000 years….I don’t know…but I’m just guessing that we weren’t taking and documenting ice sample temperatures in Antarctica 500,000 years ago ??? It kind of hurts the credibility….Thanks

    • Dan McGrath says:

      You answered your own query. Ice core samples. The deeper the ice, the older (in theory). Past temperatures are inferred by the composition of the ice and it’s trace atmospheric chemicals.

  23. Oscar says:

    Wow, nice try at scaremongering and conspiracy theories 101. I love it how people can throw around words like “here are the real facts on climate change”, with little or no evidence from select sources who have dubious backgrounds. How blind can you be to ignore all of the research and modelling done by climate scientists over the past 30 plus years? Go talk to just about any environmental or science based university professor/lecturer/teacher and try and prove to them that man made climate change isn’t happening. Your simplistic theories of “oh climate change is natural” are amusing, welcome to 1st year science! What you of course don’t mention is that the rate of warming occuring currently is over a factor of 100 times quicker than as has naturally occured during the previous glacials/interglacials of the previous 5 million years or so.


    Oh and good post John, someone who at least knows something about the topic.

    Have a nice time living with your heads in the clouds everyone else!

    • Another John says:

      Unfortunately Oscar, over 90% of China and a similar number of people in India exist in extreme poverty, technologically in an iron-age, still pulling thier plows with animals for their food, still dumping sewage into their streams and rivers (China is experincing a terrible water pollution problem as is India because they cannot afford to clean it up as fast as they pollute). Do you want us to have that same condition here? If you cannot afford a $25,000 Prius then you should ride a bicycle. If you cannot afford the increase of $1700 that the Cap and Trade says you will need to pay above what you already pay, then you are an unproductive drain on the world. That is ludicrous.

      If you don’t like it when someone says “here are the real facts on climate change;” how do you answer to reason? Colleen said it well months ago, “the polar icecaps on mars have been melting for a long time now…..and that is not caused by polution.” We live in the same Solar System and are subject to the same effects therein.

  24. Angie says:

    I am now 44 years old. When I was in elementary school in the mid 1970’s the big thing was the ozone layer. I remembered being all but promised that by the 1980’s the tropics would have moved as far north as Illinois, which is where I grew up. My dream as a child was to live in Florida because I love the tropical climate. I distinctly remember actually telling myself that I wouldn’t have to move away from my family because I would have palm trees in my back yard. Guess where I live. Bingo! Florida. It’s amazing what the teachers were telling me with such conviction. Seems like they are still banging the same drum, but now it’s called something else. ” A rose by any other name is still as sweet.” Don’t know if the ” sweet” stands though. And I do wonder how much of this research was done with government grants. I find it hard to believe that results from gov. grants can be objective. These scientists want to keep their jobs too. It kind of leads to the unemployment line if they proved that global warming was just a bunch of hogwash. Therefore, the drum comment still stands.

  25. Dorhan Libowitz says:

    Anyone can skew statistics and other data to back their agenda. Cap and trade is a good thing and will benefit the economy in the long run as well as level the playing field as companies responsible for delivering clean safe necessities of life suck as food and water will have to compensate less for companies that don’t rely on clean air and water for their products. Yes I may pay more for some plastic toy I didn’t really need in the first place, but my water utility bill won’t go up as much cause they won’t need to spend as much on cleaning my water before it gets to my tap.

  26. Dan says:

    That’s what’s called proxy data. Temperatures are extrapolated from molecules trapped in the ice. There is a preseumption of age=depth and from the chemical composition and other characteristics of the ice, the temperature at the time of it’s formation is extrapolated. It’s collected by drilling ice core samples deep into the ice. This is the data set the global warming alarmists use to construct temperature history proxies.

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