Michael Mann Controversy

Dr. Michael Mann, one of the leading scientists implicated in the Climategate scandal, was so upset over a YouTube video that poked fun at his role in the affair that he threatened to sue the video’s producer. The video, entitled “Hide the Decline,” was introduced in the wake of Climategate in late 2009 and immediately went viral. The video had received over half a million views and was featured on a variety of national news and talk radio programs, including Rush Limbaugh and CBS Evening News.


The video was produced by a group known as Minnesotans for Global Warming (M4GW) which consists of three guys who moonlight creating humorous Internet videos in response to the global warming hysteria. One of the group’s members received a letter from Michael Mann’s attorney in March 2010, threatening to sue if the video was not removed from the group’s website. M4GW complied by taking the video down from their YouTube channel, but several copies persist on the internet, as above. It’s near impossible to control this kind of content one it’s been unleashed online.  The question at hand is whether “Hide the Decline” defames or defines Michael Mann (read the article: Michael Mann: Defamed or Defined by “Hide the Decline?”)

Hide The Decline II

In response to Mann’s threat, the No Cap and Trade Coalition has developed a new version of the video entitled “Hide the Decline II” which can be viewed below.

Members of the No Cap-and-Trade coalition traveled to Washington DC to conduct a press conference in April 2010 in support of M4GW, one of the coalition member organizations.  Dr. Pat Michaels presented a slide presentation highlighting some of the emails that were at the heart of the Climategate controversy. The coalition asserts that Dr. Mann essentially has no case. As a public figure engaged in a public policy debate, Dr. Mann has no expectation of privacy and is subject to public criticism for his position on the issues. The coalition has developed a white paper entitled, Dr. Michael Mann: Defamed or Defined by Hide the Decline,” which defends the video.

Chicken Little Goes to Washington

Chicken Little, a friend of M4GW, also attended the press conference to stand-up for his friends.  The video below documents Chicken Little’s journey to Washington DC.

Legal Defense Fund

Even though we believe Dr. Mann has no case, he may decide to proceed with suing M4GW anyway. The group has setup an online donation capability for their legal defense fund. We encourage all freedom-loving people to give generously to their cause.

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  1. Steve King says:

    My guess is that if we followed the money (Gov’t grants), we would be able to ascertain who has a vested interest in continuing the Global Warming Scare.

  2. DaveGIS says:

    It’s getting ugly out there. A well known Canadian AGW “denier,” retired University of Winnipeg geography professor Timothy Ball, is being sued by other climatologists over statements Ball made in his blog. http://drtimball.com

    Dr. Tim Ball is being sued by Dr. Michael Mann for allegedly libeling him. http://wattsupwiththat.com/2011/04/08/help-asked-for-dr-tim-ball-in-legal-battle-with-dr-mann/

    Dr. Ball is also being sued by Dr. Andrew Weaver, one of the lead authors of the IPCC report, for allegedly libeling him, too. http://www.desmogblog.com/weaver-sues-tim-ball-libel

    Earlier, Dr. Ball withdrew a lawsuit he’d filed against Dr. Dan Johnson for allegedly libeling him. http://globalwarmingwatch.blogspot.com/2007/06/no-ball-climate-denialist-retracts.html

    Yup, it’s getting ugly out there…

  3. Tom M says:

    Mikitrick wants to know

    Dear Dr Mann: Can you please provide me with a statistical reference in which the trick has been described and peer reviewed.

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